Choosing Acrylic Sealers For Your Driveway - Understanding The Benefits

If you have a large asphalt driveway on your property that you are serious about keeping in pristine condition, then you may understand that an asphalt sealcoating is vital. Sealers cover, protect, and fill in small cracks on the asphalt surface. While it can be easy to see how a sealer can benefit you, you may not know which sealer is best for your situation. While asphalt and coal-tar sealers are the most popular, acrylic ones are extremely beneficial. Keep reading to learn about their benefits.

They Last Longer

If you have ever witnessed a professional tennis court sealing, then you have seen an acrylic sealer being applied. You may understand that the sealer is only spread once in a great while. This is the case due to the longevity of the acrylic material. Unlike other sealers, the acrylic will last seven years or longer. The material will bond to the asphalt due to its polymer-based formula and it will remain flexible. This means it will shift and move with the asphalt as it contracts and shrinks during the weather changes.

While the acrylic sealer is long-lasting, it does need to be applied by a professional in most cases. Unlike oil-based sealers, a thin coating is required. Otherwise, the sealer will not bond and it will instead peel and bubble up. Thin coatings are best created with sprayer tools. 

The thin coating required does work in your benefit since acrylic asphalt costs a great deal more than other types of sealer materials. 

They Come In Multiple Colors

Tennis courts are often tinted in a variety of different colors. While it may look like the court is painted or that the asphalt itself is tinted, the coloring is actually the tone of the acrylic sealer. Acrylic sealing materials are made in green, black, and red colors. They also come in a clear coat, and this is especially advantageous if you like the shiny and new appearance of a freshly installed driveway. 

Acrylic sealers do contain UV protective agents, so you can be sure that your driveway is protected from sun damage, even if you choose the clear sealer. Unlike the other types of sealers, the acrylic does not contain any petroleum. This means that the sealer dries faster and it is not harmful to the environment. If you are looking for an extremely quick sealing job, then it is possible to order a quick dry acrylic sealing. In this case, the sealer dries within just a few hours.