Signs That Your Parking Lot Needs Repaving

Once the winter snow and ice finally melt, chances are you won't be entirely pleased with the state of your business's parking lot. The ravages of winter can leave its mark, which isn't fully apparent until the spring thaw. The following are signs that it may be time to schedule a parking lot repaving to get your lot back to top condition:

Sign #1: Potholes

Potholes are the most obvious signs of a problem. These form over winter, when water seeps into small holes. There it freezes and expands, creating a larger hole. If your lot only has one or two potholes and you don't mind the appearance of a patch, then having them repaired promptly before they have time to grow is a good option. Otherwise, you may want to consider having the lot repaved. Asphalts lots can have a fresh layer of asphalt laid down, which is more cost-effective than a full lot replacement.

Sign #2: Pitting

Pitting is most often the result of salt exposure. You can avoid it by not using salt to melt ice in your lot, but sometimes salt is tracked in on tires from municipal sources. Unless there is only a small section with pitting, patching isn't usually a good option. In this case, consider asphalt repaving to provide a fresh, undamaged surface.

Sign #3: Cracks

Cracks can form at any time, but they tend to get larger as a result of winter freeze and thaw cycles. Small cracks can be cleaned out and patched if you don't mind the appearance of the patches. Extensive cracking can also be filled, but you may want to consider having a sealcoat applied afterward to camouflage some of the repairs. Sealcoating is simply the laying down of a thin protective coating of asphalt.

Sign #4: Uneven surface

The most alarming issue in a parking lot is if the surface has formed depressions or become wavy where it was once smooth. This can indicate that the ground beneath the lot has shifted, which can lead to instability. If not fixed, sinkholes could form, or the asphalt may develop extensive potholes. You may have to have the lot completely rebuilt with a new base, or you may be able to simply have it repaved. It's vital to consult with a paving company in this case so you can make the right repair choice.

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