The Disadvantages Of Having Sealcoating Applied At Night

In order to minimize disruption to your business owners and their customers, you may ask an asphalt company to perform sealcoating at night. A trustworthy asphalt company will recommend that you do not do this, and instead have it done in the day. The reason for this is that there are many disadvantages to applying sealcoating at night instead of in the day. Here are a few of those disadvantages. 

It Has a Shorter Lifespan

One of the major disadvantages to applying sealcoating at night is that it has a shorter lifespan than if it was applied during the daytime. In fact, sealcoating that is applied in the day may last up to three times as long as sealcoating applied at night. Sealcoating your parking lot is not a cheap project, so you want yours to last as long as possible, so having it done in the day is the way to go. 

It Needs the Sun to Cure

Another reason why you may want to avoid having sealcoating applied at night is that it needs the sun to cure. One of the myths about sealcoating is that it relies on heat to cure. As such, some people think that they can have the coat applied on a warm summer night. But this is not true. It is actually the sun's UV rays that allow it to cure properly. If the sun is not out, your sealcoat won't cure. No one can drive on it until it is fully cured, so your customers still may not be able to utilize it the next day if you have it done at night. 

Manufacturer's Don't Warranty It

The last disadvantage to having sealcoating applied at night is that most manufacturer's won't warranty it. This is because the sealcoating does not cure properly and is not designed to be applied at night. If you want your warranty to be in tact, ensure the coating is applied during the day. 

While it may inconvenience your business owners and their customers to sealcoat a parking lot in the day, it is less of an inconvenience than having to have the parking lot resurfaced because your sealcoating didn't hold up your asphalt surface suffered. If you need to have your parking lot sealcoated, contact your preferred asphalt contractor today to discuss your options. If you are set against inconvienancing anyone, the asphalt company may be able to apply the sealcoat on a weekend or less busy day, or do one half of the parking lot one day and the other another so people can still park close by. 

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