How to Patch Asphalt Cracks Using Cold Formula Patches

Your pavement and asphalt are probably going to crack over the years. In fact, asphalt can even develop cracks right after it is installed. This is completely normal, and usually caused by soil shifting underneath the slab. These small cracks are usually just cosmetic, and they can be easily taken care of.

The great thing about cold formula asphalt patches that it comes premixed in large tubs or smaller caulk tubes. Unlike hot formula asphalt, patch does not need to be heated up for it to be applied. This is a major factor because asphalt is usually poured as a hot mixture. However, using a hot mixture to fill small cracks and holes is not only going to be very difficult, it is nearly impossible for those who don't already have the necessary tools.

This article explains how to patch small concrete cracks using cold formula patches.

Applying Asphalt Patch

All you need to apply cold formula asphalt patch is a putty knife. The process is very simple, but asphalt patch is very sticky and can be a little awkward to work with. First of all, you're definitely going to want several pairs of latex gloves. Before you even begin, you want to clean out the cracked area as well as possible. A broom will usually get the job done, but a hose vacuum might also be helpful for removing dirt deep within the crack. You also want to clean the top of the asphalt surface, because the patch is going to go on to the asphalt, and not just with in the crack.

Basically, you first fill in the crack completely, making sure it overflows. Let it overflow liberally. Then, use the putty knife to spread the extra patch flat. This is kind of like creating a taped line over the top of the crack. Of course, you can make your patch look better if the edges are straight and clean. For this reason, some people use painter's tape to mark off the lines and create a smoother looking patch.

As you can see, it isn't very difficult to patch asphalt. Of course, it is better to get the job done sooner, rather than wait because they cracks will grow. If you wait too long, the crack can chip away at the edges, becoming a bigger and more problematic thing to deal with in the end. To learn more, contact services such as AAA Paving and Sealing.