How To Fix Concrete Cracks

Concrete is going to crack over the years. Whether it is a building foundation, sidewalk, or concrete wall, your concrete is bound to pick up a few cracks. Luckily, most concrete crack repair is minor and something that can be a great DIY project. Of course, there are certain projects that need to be handled by professionals.  This article explains how homeowners can use over-the-counter supplies to fix small concrete cracks very easily.

Using Crack Filler

Crack filler (sometimes called concrete patch) is the most important thing you need. This should not be confused with normal concrete mix. Crack filler is a wet substance that comes pre-mixed. You don't want to use normal concrete powder that needs to be mixed with water before applying it. It won't hold as strong in a small crack. Some people think that, if they have the same concrete mixture that was used for their existing concrete, then this is what they want to use to patch it. However, it is very important you use an actual crack filler because it is specially formulated to work in cracks. That is, it is mixed with heavy duty glue that bonds with concrete, creating a strong and permanent patch.

Applying the Patch

Applying the patch is easy but messy. In order to handle the job, you need a few pairs of rubber gloves, a putty knife, a broom, concrete sandpaper, and the patch filler. It is vital that you thoroughly clean out the crack before filling it.

The trick to applying concrete crack filler is to just fill in the crack and try to keep the filler off of the top of the concrete. Push it into the crack and shape it using the putty knife. However, don't be worried if the surface doesn't look perfectly smooth and even. To help the new patch blend in with the old concrete, you can use the sandpaper to smooth it out once the patch is dry.

If you have dyed or glazed concrete, the final step will be to apply the appropriate finish to make it match. Even if your new newly patched crack doesn't perfectly match the existing concrete color, it is still going to look much better than if you never filled the crack at all. In fact, it will protect your crack and prevent it from growing any bigger. This is why it is so important to fill concrete cracks while they are still small and manageable.

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