How To Patch Concrete Cracks

If you have concrete on your property, you're probably sick of the cracks and holes that always pop up. No matter how professional your concrete is poured, it's going to crack over time. Mostly, these cracks are just cosmetic and won't compromise the strength of your sidewalk. That being said, you still might want to fix them just so they look better. Luckily, concrete crack repair is actually very simple, and it can be done with over-the-counter products that are affordable and easy to use. This article explains the process for repairing concrete cracks.

Using the Right Product

Concrete crack repair is really simple, but only if you have the right products. Some people try to patch concrete using concrete mix. That is, they try to use the same concrete product that was used when their slab was originally porn. This might make logical sense, but it is not a good idea. You always want to fill small cracks with designated concrete patch. This is a different formula that is much easier use, and much stronger than normal concrete. Concrete patch is infused with glue and epoxy to create a stronger hold within the narrow spaces of a small crack. Also, it usually comes premixed in a convenient, resealable tub.

Applying the Patch

The only thing you really need to apply concrete patch is a putty knife. However, it may also be helpful if you have some disposable rubber gloves, just to protect your fingers during the project before you even start to apply the patch, you need to clean the crack out as well as possible. This can be done with a broom and/or a hose vacuum. Obviously, if there any weeds growing out of your crack, you want to pull and kill them before moving forward. The key to applying the patch is to just spread it inside the crack, and try not to get any on top of the actual concrete. You just want to fill in the crack as well as possible, and then use the putty knife to scrape it flat.

In the end, a patched piece of concrete isn't going to be invisible. That is, the crack will still be noticeable, no matter how well you do it. But, it is still going to look much better then if your crack is not filled it all. Also, if you don't fill your crack, the edges can chip away and the crack will eventually become bigger over time. It is a smart thing to fill even the smallest cracks as soon as possible to keep them small and less visible. Contact a service, like L. N. Rothberg & Son Inc, for more help.