Cracked Paving: Understanding Why Repairs Are Essential

Some individuals rarely take the time to inspect paved areas of their properties. This can lead to damages that get worse over time. Inspecting your paved is as simple as walking along the premises and looking for damages such as cracks or potholes. The driveway is an area that receives a lot of track in and out of your property, which means that it may be more susceptible to damages. Some property owners are too busy to take the time to inspect their paved areas. If you have a commercial property, delegate this task to an employee. If it a residential property, consider hiring a paving contractor for routine inspections. The following points will help you to understand more about crack repairs.

Linear Cracks

These cracks that may appear as jagged lines throughout paved areas. They are generally not in close proximity. The cracks can be repaired by using a crack filling technique. If you do not get the cracks filled, moisture intrusion will occur, which can lead to more extensive damages such as alligator cracks or potholes. 

Alligator Cracks

These cracks appear in a condensed area. The area may appear to be raised. They are referred to as alligator cracks because they resemble alligator skin. Unfortunately, a simple crack fill is not ideal for these types of cracks. A more extensive approach is needed. The damaged area needs to be extracted and replaced with a new paving material. Sometimes this repaired area may not match the older paved areas. However, getting this type of paving repair will extend the life your paving. If you neglect to repair alligator cracks, they can eventually worsen in potholes. Potholes can cause auto damages and accidents such as trips and falls.


Sealcoating the repaired areas or the entire paved area is ideal because sealcoating aids in keeping moisture out. It can also improve the appearance of your paved area. Most paved areas are exposed to chemical leaks from vehicles that can deteriorate the paving over time. Choosing to sealcoat can protect your paving against these chemicals and sun damage. 

A paving contractor is a good resource to use to learn more about crack filling. They can inspect your premises and determine the best type of repair. They can also offer more insight into why sealcoating is ideal. If you have unpaved areas where you would like to install new paving such as a driveway, walkway, or patio, they can also perform these projects.