4 Ways To Improve Your Commercial Parking Lot

As a store or business owner, your parking lot is an important but often overlooked aspect of your business. When your parking lot is well-lit, smooth, safe, and easy to maneuver and park in, your customers feel better about coming to your business on a regular basis. Here are four improvements to make to your commercial parking lot:

Have Your Parking Lot Professionally Sealed

One of the best things you can do to a commercial parking lot that's seen better days is to have it professionally sealed. Professional parking lot seal allows you to keep your existing parking lot in place while having a smooth, freshly painted, and water-resistant coating added to the surface.

Sealcoating makes your commercial parking lot look better and feel better to drive on; and, it also protects it from future cracking and other damage from the sun, snow, and extreme temperatures. Having your parking lot professionally sealed can also save you money since it allows you to delay having your parking lot replaced.

Upgrade Your Parking Lot Lighting

Another high-impact way to improve your commercial parking lot is to upgrade your lighting. A brightly lit parking lot is safer for your customers, especially if you are open at night. It's also safer for your business, since burglars, vandals, and other criminals are less likely to strike when they don't have a dark parking lot to hide in.

While motion lighting is great for your storefront, in a parking lot it's best to have lights that come on automatically at dusk and stay on until daybreak. Parking lot pillar lights now come with LED bulbs for less electricity usage and durability.

Don't Slack on Shoveling

No business owner wants to get sued by a customer who slipped and fell in their icy parking lot. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep track of the weather and have your parking lot shoveled and salted as soon as it snows. The ideal way to handle this is to have a contract with a local snow shoveling or plowing service, with the understanding that they will always come shovel your parking lot during snowstorms without the hassle of having to schedule something.

Enhance Parking Lot Security

It's always a good idea to place security cameras in plain sight at various points around your parking lot. This will deter car break-ins and other crimes, and if an unfortunate event does occur, you will be glad to have video evidence for the police.

When you invest in your commercial parking lot in these ways, your customers will feel more welcome and comfortable at your business.