Striping Your Warehouse's Floors

Your company's warehouse operation can be one of the most complicated parts of the enterprise. When a warehousing operation is not optimized, it can be a source of inefficiency and even hazards. Having the floors of the warehouse striped can be an easy and effective way of helping to avoid these issues while streamlining your operations.

Choose Bright Colors For The Markings

In order for floor stripes to be able to effectively direct the flow of traffic through the warehouse and outline the storage areas, it will be essential for these markings to be easily seen by workers. Unfortunately, some businesses may not consider this when they are choosing a color for their floor markings. Ideally, you should opt for a bright yellow color for these markings as this can be one of the easiest colors for people to see.

Apply A Protective Sealant Over The Markings

The warehouse floor of your business will experience some of the most intensive traffic, and this can cause any floor markings to start to wear away fairly quickly. Preventing this will require you to apply a protective coating over the floor after these markings have been made. This coating can protect the floor striping from peeling, becoming discolored, or suffering other damage that could make it harder to see. While it would be best for the entire floor to be treated with this type of coating, it is possible for a contractor to only apply this coating to the markings that have been made. This can be an affordable and easy way of greatly extending the life of your warehouse floor striping.

Mark Storage Areas And Work Zones

When choosing the areas that will be marked with these stripings, it is easy for a business to only focus on the traffic lanes and storage areas. While these can be among the most important areas to have marked, it can also be important to mark areas that are hazardous work zones. For example, if your warehouse uses an overhead crane system, marking the area that the crane serves on the floor can alert workers to be more cautious when they are in this area so that they avoid suffering accidental injuries. Additionally, if you have areas that are commonly used for staging items that are being placed or removed from the warehouse, you may also want to have these areas formally marked. This can avoid the risk of individuals tripping by alerting them to the fact that there may frequently be items in that area.

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