Five Ways To Improve The Appearance Of Your Asphalt Driveway

An asphalt driveway can begin to look tired and boring after a few years. Fortunately, there are ways to improve the appearance of the drive while also prolonging the life of the asphalt.

1. Fill In the Cracks

Small cracks are already unattractive, but they will begin to look even worse as they grow large in time. Take care of the problem promptly by filling small cracks with a flexible asphalt repair caulk at the first sign of damage. Work on a dry day. Sweep out any debris in the cracks and then squeeze the filler into the opening. It will cure in place and prevent the problem from getting worse.

2. Keep It Weeded

Weeds growing in your drive are ugly and they cause the asphalt to degrade more quickly. Most weeds should be pulled as soon as you notice them so that you can fill in the crack they have invaded. For weeds that begin to encroach along the edges or at the seams between the asphalt and neighboring paved areas, check these weekly and pull small plants as soon as they appear.

3. Apply Sealcoating

Eventually, the color of your asphalt will begin to fade and the surface will become rough. When this happens, it will absorb more moisture and begin to degrade more quickly. Applying a sealcoating every two or three years solves the problem. The sealcoat refreshes the color and hides small blemishes, such as minor crack repairs. It also creates a barrier that helps protect the asphalt against damage from weathering.

4. Add Border Curbing

If your drive seems bland or if the edges are beginning to crumble, you don't need to replace it. An asphalt company can trim the edges so they are smooth once again. Then, you can install border curbing to make the drive look even nicer. Typically brick or concrete is used to create the border, which can be flat or raised. You can also opt to have a border installed that is made of dyed asphalt or even tile.

5. Install decorative Grates

If your asphalt has a low area that collects water in damp weather, consider the addition of a drainage grate. This will get rid of the standing water and prolong the life of the paving. Further, these drains can be covered with decorative grates. There are grates available in a variety of designs and colors, from ornate looking iron styles to brightly powder-coated metal with decorative flower designs.

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