Asphalt Maintenance and Repair Recommendations for Your Home Pavement

There are many types of underlying issues that can cause erosion and damage to your asphalt driveway pavement, including weather, moisture, and vehicle damage. To keep your asphalt in the best condition, it is important to watch for damage and make repairs when they are needed, without delaying maintenance. Here are some recommendations to keep your asphalt parking lot an attractive and well-built pavement surface.

Be Alert With Drainage

As a homeowner with asphalt pavement, you will need to take the necessary steps and be diligent with visual inspections of your pavement. Watch for areas of low spots where water can collect on your pavement because it will cause damage over time. Your asphalt may be more water-resistant than concrete, but if water is left to pool on the surface, it will eventually seep down into the pavement, causing erosion damage to the foundation and crack enlargement to the surface. 

If you notice any low spots where water is collecting, arrange for a pavement evaluation with a professional who can repair underlying problems that cause low spots and asphalt failure. Simply applying new asphalt mixture to fill in the low spots will not repair the problem, and you will end up with more serious damage in the future. 

Your asphalt should include a surface slope that is slight but still allows for moisture runoff. The slope can either originate from a middle point where the water drains off all sides or the slope can be from one end to the other, such as with a sloped driveway for the moisture to run off to one side where it is collected into a drainage gutter. 

Protect the Surface

After you have kept an eye out for drainage problems and damage to your asphalt, you will want to follow up the regular maintenance with a sealant coating. A sealcoating application for your pavement will improve its condition and appearance, so your asphalt won't begin to erode from the sun and weather damage. 

Asphalt sealcoating will seal in your pavement to protect it against moisture intrusion and the sun's harmful rays. Any small cracks on the surface of your pavement will be coated and protected against further crack growth. And the sealant restores moisture to the surface and maintains good flexibility so heavy vehicles on your pavement don't cause damage and cracking. You can restore your asphalt's condition and give it a new black appearance by applying a home sealcoating treatment, or you can contact a professional asphalt crew, such as JW Paving & Sons Inc., for its installation.