Paving Your Parking Lot With Asphalt

The parking lot of your business is an important part of the property as it will ensure that your customers are able to easily park and enter your building. If you are needing to pave your parking lot for the first time or redoing an existing parking area, there are some important choices that you need to make.

Maximize The Size Of The Parking Lot

A lack of parking can be an issue that severely depresses the number of people willing to visit your business to use your services. When you are deciding on the area that will serve as your parking lot, it is important to create a design that will maximize the amount of space and the number of spots that can be used. In some cases, this may require some of the terrains to be modified to make them more suitable for paving work. Having the area surveyed can allow you to confirm the boundaries of the property so you can know the exact amount of space that is available.

Install Drains In The Lower Lying Areas Of The Parking Lot

There may be some areas of your parking lot that will be relatively lower than the others. These locations can be far more vulnerable to having large puddles of water gather following rain. Flooding in these areas of the parking lot can reduce the accessibility of your business while also allowing damage to occur to the asphalt from the prolonged moisture exposure. To manage this, you can use drains that will be able to collect this water and transport it away. This is an affordable feature to include, and a professional commercial asphalt paving service will be able to assist you with a terrain evaluation to determine the optimal design for this.

Have The Asphalt Pavement Sealcoated The Year After It Has Been Poured

Sealcoating the pavement is a step that will greatly extend its life by offering effective protection against some common types of moisture damage and color fading. Typically, it is advisable to have this work done to the pavement after the first year. This will ensure the pavement has enough time to fully cure and settle before the coating is applied. After the initial application of the sealcoat, it should be refreshed at periodic intervals in the future. Depending on the particular sealcoat product that you choose, this may be needed every few years to provide the best results and maximum protection to your parking lot.

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