Are You Responsible For The Parking Lot In Front Of Your New Business? 4 Benefits Of Planning For Asphalt Seal Coating

The parking lot in front of your business serves the important role of giving your customers a place to walk and park their vehicles. While a professionally installed lot should last for more than a decade, it is necessary to plan for maintenance to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Asphalt seal coating offers these benefits that make it worth arranging for this maintenance service every few years.

Prevent Oxidative Damage That Leads to Fading 

Asphalt is made from small rocks and gravel that are held together with a special binder. The binding material is designed to be durable, but it is vulnerable to the effects of the sun's UV rays along with chemicals from automotive fluids and exposure to the weather. Similar to how you'll see paint fade after being out in the sun, you'll also see this effect occurring on asphalt parking lots. A seal coat serves as a protective layer that covers the asphalt binder materials to slow down the effects of oxidation that cause fading.

Create a Fresh Surface for Parking Lot Striping

Most contractors will recommend re-striping the parking lot every couple of years or whenever the paint loses the majority of its visibility. If you just purchased your business, then you might prefer to re-stripe to create a better layout that works for your customers or to achieve ADA compliance. In either case, asphalt sealing should be done before parking lot marking. Creating a smooth surface helps the paint to adhere better, and the whole lot will look brand new again.

Attract More Customers to Your Doors

Parking lots are typically visible from the road, and you want to make sure the one in front of your business has serious curb appeal. If a customer arrives at your business and sees that the lot is in poor condition, then it is possible that they may think your company doesn't care about paying attention to details. With regular seal coating, customers will see the beautiful black surface from the road and be inspired to visit your business.

Extend the Life of the Asphalt

The success of your business requires considering how every dollar you spend can give you returns on your investment. Asphalt sealing prevents those tiny cracks that eventually turn into bigger ones that then turn into potholes that require deeper repairs. Being able to avoid having to pay for full-depth patching or a major overlay helps you to reinvest more of the profits into growing your business.

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