Reasons To Consider Porous Asphalt For Your Next Project

When it comes to asphalt, you have many choices available. Asphalt comes in a variety of mixes, and one type doesn't fit all applications. Porous asphalt is one mix that has a variety of benefits when used in certain ways. Continue reading to learn more about porous asphalt, its uses, and its benefits.

What Is Porous Asphalt?

Porous asphalt is a multi-layer, permeable mix which allows water to soak through. The base layer starts with uncompacted soil. On top of that, the layers consist of coarse aggregates such as whole stones or crushed materials. The top layer is of a coarse and porous asphalt mix. The surface looks similar to other mixes but slightly more coarse.

How Is Porous Asphalt Different from Other Mixes?

In many ways, porous asphalt and other asphalt mixes are not very different. Standard asphalt is much more compact and less permeable than porous asphalt. It has larger aggregates that don't allow water to flow through it as well as porous asphalt. The underlying layers are also different. Most other mixes require soil compaction before the contractors lay out the asphalt. Porous asphalt has thicker layers than most other kinds of asphalt.

What Are the Benefits of Porous Asphalt?

Porous asphalt is excellent for sensitive areas that have a high likelihood of flooding or runoff. Since the asphalt absorbs and filters the runoff, you may not need to build a retention pond or other water storage. You could also reduce the need for multiple drains. Porous asphalt requires minimal maintenance and lasts just as long as other asphalt types. You may need less salt for de-icing on porous asphalt. It is also economical.

Many people report that porous asphalt has less heat absorption and radiation. The coarse and open nature of the material allows for better heat dissipation. Porous asphalt can also reduce road noise. Some people find the color of porous asphalt more desirable.

Where Does Porous Asphalt Work Best?

Porous asphalt works well in areas where you need to control water pooling and runoff. It also works well with eco-sensitive areas like jogging trails. You can also use it for your patio or home walkway. However, porous asphalt is usually not ideal for heavy-use applications like busy commercial parking lots.

Even though porous asphalt is permeable, it is still very durable with typical maintenance. This eco-friendly asphalt is highly versatile, too. You can use it for home, public, and commercial applications. If you think porous asphalt would work for your next project, contact an asphalt paving company to get started. 

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