Large Oil Stains On Your Parking Lot? Sealcoat It Soon

If your customers complain about the oil-stained appearance of your asphalt parking lot, you may pressure wash your lot to remove the stains. But if pressure washing doesn't make your lot look better, sealcoat it instead. Sealcoating helps repair chemically-stressed asphalt pavement right away. Learn more about chemically-stressed asphalt pavement and how sealcoating repairs it below. What's Happening With Your Parking Lot? The asphalt surface of your parking lot can take a beating throughout the year.

Are You Responsible For The Parking Lot In Front Of Your New Business? 4 Benefits Of Planning For Asphalt Seal Coating

The parking lot in front of your business serves the important role of giving your customers a place to walk and park their vehicles. While a professionally installed lot should last for more than a decade, it is necessary to plan for maintenance to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Asphalt seal coating offers these benefits that make it worth arranging for this maintenance service every few years.

Operate In A Snowy Region? Why Your Business Should Partner With A Snow Management Company

When you are warm and toasty in the comfort of your home on a winter's day falling snow can seem like a very welcome backdrop. Snow has a way of quieting down the world and adding to the ambiance you feel when sitting around the fireplace. However, the very same snow you and your family view with amazement can quickly turn into a commercial hazard that could potentially cause you to lose untold amounts of money.

4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Freshly-Laid Concrete Patio

A concrete slab is a tough and durable choice for your patio construction. However, not everyone likes its plain gray appearance.  The good news is that there are many ways to make a plain gray concrete patio pop. All you have to do is to think about the aesthetics you want your patio to give and choose a decorative concrete style to match your goal. Here are a few smart ways to make your plain-looking concrete patio look stunning.

Asphalt Overlay: Suitability And Installation Process

A worn parking lot with lots of minor cracks or pitting isn't just unattractive, it is also going to be prone to frequent major damages that will require expensive repairs. One way to slow the aging process and give the parking lot a facelift is to have an asphalt overlay installed. An overlay is basically a resurfacing of the asphalt while keeping the old base and edge curbing.  Initial Assessment